Service We Offer

Cost Estimating. We provide you with detailed cost estimates from licensed general contractors for all phases of your home construction project from licensed general contractors we work with

Blueprints. We provide you with detailed blueprints all phases of your construction project. We have CAD2000 and chief architect and the computer generated design means quick response time to changes or city red line.

Design. We use computer generated 3D views and models, so you get to see your project from all directions before you make any commitment.

Qualified Contractors. You will have access to a a group of highly skilled contractors. We provide only licensed and bonded contractors who have a strong, proven track record in home construction and offer you good value for your money. Of course, you may also select your own contractor for any part of your home construction project.

Financing. We know where to go and how to get the best financing for your construction project. Banks have often been reluctant to loan money to owner builders because of uncertainty about the owner's house construction knowledge and skills. Accurate Estimating has a successful track record helping owners plan to remodel their own houses, and we work closely with you to help you produce a professional plan to construct a high quality home, so banks are much more willing to grant loans for your project when you team with us.
Go here to calculate payments Mortgage Rate Calculator The rate you get may be subject to your job status and credit history.

Permit Application. We obtain all permits as required, arrange for structural or civil engineers, obtain variances, and coordinate with all public utilities as part of the design process. any scheduling or actual construction is performed by the general contractor

Property Review. We can provide replacement cost estimates, estimated remodeling costs prior to purchasing a home, and independent estimating for Civil or Registrar of Contractor disputes.